Thank you for visiting my personal website. The main purpose of starting is all about discovering my own passion and sharing it with like-minded people like you. In an era where we have marveled about social networking and real-world networking, we never know what kind of opportunities come our way as a result of using it. To admit it candidly, I am leaving myself open to the opportunities that may arise because of such efforts.

There is a widespread belief among us that starting your personal website means promoting yourself. Umm…. that may be somewhat true but I strongly believe that self-promotion is not possible without you first promoting others. Therefore, in this website, you may find some contents other than my personal stories, particularly community activities that may interest you too.

“Action speaks louder than words”. So my personal website covers some of my accomplishments plus projects I am involved in. No wonder I would like my contacts to know about it. Any constructive criticism is welcome.

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